Are you looking for an inspirational speaker to motivate members of your association, students at your university, or employees of your company? There are so many inspirational speakers out there, including business leaders, philosophers, sports stars, activists, and more. Finding the right one will require you to examine what you are looking for in a speaker. Common reasons why inspirational speakers are often asked to speak in front of a group include boosting morale and motivating others to implement changes that will be for the better good of the organization.

When searching for inspirational speakers for your next event, it might make sense to consider what makes a good inspirational speaker in the first place. While every speaker will be different and have varying strategies to wow the audience, there are a few inherent traits you’ll find with most inspirational speakers. Here are a few that come to mind right away:

Empathy: An inspirational speaker’s first goal will be to move the audience. This means he or she will consider what the audience needs to hear first and not necessarily try to serve his or her own aims.

Authenticity: Do you want to know the easiest way a speaker can lose an audience? He or she will like act like someone other than himself or herself. Even if the speaker thinks it will sound better, it will do nothing to sway the audience. In fact, it can have the opposite effect. Audiences tend to have a good idea of when they are hearing something authentic and will respond accordingly.

Storyteller: The best inspirational speakers will know the basic elements of storytelling. They will be able to keep the audience interested and engaged with what they are trying to say. And they will have a good story to tell that will motivate the audience to strive for things in their own lives.

Of course, it can be difficult to identify these things before you organize your event, which is why it might make sense to hire speaking consultants who can match your needs with inspirational speakers. They can help you choose from thousands of professional speakers and allow you to find the right person who can deliver an inspiring message.